Meet Matt & Agnes – Independent Radio based in Asheville

Matt Mittan and Agnes Cheek have been a part of the Asheville area for quite some time now. They are the owners of the radio station News Talk 50 and a talk radio program on 1350 WZGM. Also see their website: Both of them were extremely successful in their previous endeavors, and have now taken the bull by the horns in creating this community radio station for the Western North Carolina community and syndicating it across the Country. I met with Agnes recently and she talked about the transition they made into this new company, where they technically did not have much to start with; but friends & residents in Asheville and beyond stepped out to help them get this off the ground. Today they are strong, and getting more established each and every day. Their mission now? Give back to the community through radio.

Here is a podcast interview that SoConvo recently did with Matt & Agnes. Take a few minutes to listen to it and meet the team behind this great Asheville based radio station.

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