Meet Asheville Attorney Sam Craig

Asheville North Carolina definitely does not have a shortage of Attorneys in the area. Attorney Sam Craig of Craig Law Firm is one that we have got to know over the years and that has been a huge part in social media and networking opportunities in the local community. We have ran into Sam at LinkedIn meetings, Business openings, RelyLocal Asheville events, and many others places. He is someone we have found to be sincere, social and extremely business oriented.

We have great relationships with many Attorney firms in the Asheville area. Van Winkle, Ball-Barden & Bell, Leake & Stokes, Lentz & Associates, Eugene Ellison, Johanna Finkelstein, and John Sterritt are just a few that have been there for us personally when we needed them for one thing or another. Then we have our Asheville Attorney friends on Twitter.. Thomas Beckett, Katherine Dare, and Sam Craig of course; who are just a tweet away. We call them the Asheville Social Media Attorneys. Love it!

Asheville Attorney Sam Craig focuses on Business & Commercial Law, Property & Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Civil Litigation, Wills, Estates & Trusts and several other keys areas that enter into every one of our lives at one time or another. We have called Sam Craig frantic at times. He takes a step back, listens attentively, carefully answers questions, and points us in a wise & reasonable direction. He has a website which means he is keeping up with technology and the Internet world; and he even has an “About Sam Craig” more personal page on his site. We are glad that Sam is a part of our hometown community, Asheville North Carolina.

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