Meduri’s Top 10: The West Asheville Expert Spills the Beans!

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The name Josh Meduri has become synonymous with West Asheville. Like the quirky little corner of West Asheville itself, Meduri is a man who appreciates the simple things in life. He’s a family man, a people person, and a small business owner. Also, though I’m not quite sure why it’s so important, I must add he sports a little bit of spunk in his hairstyle. It’s as though Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Buddy Holly quarrled, and left the aftermath right on Meduri’s head… it’s his “it” quality that is only part of why he’s West Asheville’s favorite realtor. He’s often seen enjoying a cup of coffee at Waking Life on Haywood Rd. with his adorable red-headed infant, who’s quickly becoming the company mascot, bouncing on his knee. Now he’s going to let his secrets out (which I think have been hiding in his hair) and tell us the top ten reasons West Asheville is THE place to be.

10. The Food… First of all, about any restaurant in West Asheville is in walking distance from many of the residences, creating easily accessible food that isn’t just a quick service burger. Both Biscuithead and Sunny Point cafe have been seen in national magazines, and serve up the best breakfasts and brunches around. Josh also sings the praises of Nona Mia’s for a great lunch or dinner!

9. The Great Shops… Want a little something unique? Shop around West Asheville. There’s no fear of finding chain stores down the streets of this Indie brand powerhouse. Meduri’s fave? Tomkats! Go see for yourself!

8. The Beer… West Asheville is a great place to throw back a cold one! The U-Joint is right on the corner of Sand Hill and Haywood, just before Vermont Avenue. Could it get any better? They have one of the longest lists of Asheville’s famous craft beers in town!

7. The Coffee… Not in the mood for the hard stuff? Check out a great coffee venue! Waking Life is a great place for a quick cup in a tranquil setting. Try West End Bakery to satisfy your caffeine and sugar craving!

6. The Parks… There are 3 amazing family parks in the area, 6 if counting the elementary schools. West Asheville is a great place for the entire family to play whether its on the swings or the cornhole board! The Augusta L. Barnett playground just down from Waking Life is a great place to start!

5. The Sidewalks… Believe it or not, in this hilly, lush part of the country, sidewalked streets are rare. However, every inch of West Asheville is outlined by them. It is so walkable, making all of the great shops, restaurants, and gathering places easy to get to. Just take a little stroll… and bring Fido too! (Lots of pet-friendly spots)

4. The “Hip” Factor, it factor… I’ll just say it; West Asheville is cool. The shopping, restaurants, and scenic parks play huge roles, but also the friendliness to people and the environment. West Asheville is becoming more and more a sustainable community, with community gardens, and efforts around town to build green. The community cares about the health and well-being of those around them! They just happen have a little extra swag while doing it!

3. The Architecture… Asheville is famous for the arts & crafts style homes. West Asheville is the very root of the movement. The charming bungalows that decorate the tree-lined streets are some of the best preservations of this style in the Southeast. The houses often boast original hardwood floors and glass doorknobs, making the charms of yesteryear irresistible.

2. The Location… We hear it all the time in real estate: location, location, location!!! West Asheville simply has no contenders. It is a miniature downtown connected to the actual downtown. It has the accessibility of a city with the yards and warmth of a suburb. It is almost as centered in Buncombe County as downtown Asheville, with access to all the major highways and interstates. The school systems are top-notch as well! Geographically, there’s just nowhere better!

1. The People… Home is where the heart is. What makes a place home is the people there. West Asheville is like a family. People smile at other people here. They offer veggies from the garden, and help their kids set up lemonade stands. They pitch in for community events and have pride in the neighborhood. Above all, West Asheville residents are welcoming. They love people, fun, and friendship. They are the heartbeat in an area already offering so much! They are the life… and that part of West Asheville is the laughter of children playing and the squeaking of porch swings swaying. It’s alive.

Visit and schedule a chat with Josh Meduri. West Asheville’s favorite realtor would love to welcome you home!

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