Manna Food Bank at The Asheville Mall, feed 25 for only 10 bucks!

Stack and Stacks of Canned Goods at the Asheville Mall for the Manna Food Bank
Donate only $10 to Manna Food Bank and provide 25 meals! Most of us are lucky to get 1 out of that $10, and sometimes that is 3 times a day. $10 is nothing. Go ahead and give $100 if you have it. Maybe you cannot afford thousands of dollars of gifts for everyone, but you can feed 8 people 3 meals for a full day with that $10. Stop by the Asheville Mall and give a little!

Manna Food Bank’s cart is overflowing, but the people that need help is really overwhelming sometimes. Let’s give together and fight hunger with the Manna Food Bank!

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