What Makes Asheville So Weird?

xanath espina asheville

What makes Asheville so weird? The answer you get will depend on the person you ask! I got here in the 70s and Asheville was not yet known for being “weird”, rather it was just a small mountain town which was just enough “different” from the surrounding smaller towns, that many of their more “colorful types” sort of gravitated towards it. Back then, as it is now, there really wasn’t anything too weird about folks wearing gauze skirts and having long hair, people were perhaps, just more used to seeing guys in overalls and work boots.

asheville weird

But this is Asheville NOW! And while you may see guys in skirts, you will also see them in suits and yes, you can still even see them in overalls! You will see some of the same on girls and often even on a four legged citizen or two. We have FUN with fashion here, because that’s our style!

My own answer to what makes Asheville so weird is that this community embraces our collective weirdness in an inspiring and gorgeous environment.

Love… X

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