Local Asheville Painting Contractor Launches Magazine

Michael Dale, vice president of Asheville-based Shiloh Painting, Inc., announces the launch ofWNC Home magazine, a digital publication available online.

The mission of WNC Home magazine is to link Western North Carolina homeowners with the wide array of services, resources and products available to them.  The magazine is looking to reach a large and diverse cross-section of W.N.C. homeowners, from the very affluent to first-time homebuyers, as well as newcomers to the W.N.C. area.  WNC Home magazine will have an editorial focus on the latest trends in home design, landscaping, remodeling, decorating, real estate, and home-related products and services, with a strong focus on eco-friendly products and services for any home that is situated here in the mountains.
This magazine project began as a newsletter for Shiloh Painting, Inc., as Michael was looking for a way to educate the public about decorating and design, with most topics focusing on painting and staining.  However, Michael was also looking to make the newsletter more diverse, and began to look for other contributors.
“I started to realize that there are a lot of other area professionals that write great articles for their own newsletters and blogs, but only a small portion of the general public ever see these writings,” says Michael.  “So I started inviting these experts to submit articles to our newsletter, and the response was so positive that we decided to turn that newsletter into a full-blown magazine.”
WNC Home is just like a conventional printed magazine including a cover and table of contents, with the articles and advertisements being laid out in a traditional style.
“I love to read print magazines, but I don’t care for most online magazines.  WNC Home magazine has the characteristics of both worlds with the time-honored layout of a printed magazine, while offering the readers and writers (and advertisers) a true interactive experience.  Not only is every article perfectly reproduced digitally, so is every advertisement, with click-through opportunities built in,” explains Michael.  “With the growing popularity of digital publications, the advantages of a digital version made available online seemed like a no-brainer.”
WNC Home magazine is being published quarterly, with the Winter 2011 issue now available at: http://www.wnchomemagazine.com
About Michael Dale:  Michael spent his younger days learning from his grandfather, who was a house painter and woodworker.  After high school, Michael started working for an Ethan Allen furniture factory, where he learned what it took to create a spectacular finish using paints, stains and glazes.  In 2006, after the factory closed, Michael started his own painting company, Michael Dale Painting & Services.  In 2010, he partnered with Shiloh Painting, Inc., where he became the Vice President of Operations.
Michael Dale, publisher/editor
WNC Home Magazine
191 Lyman Street, Suite 314, Box 14, Asheville, NC  28801
Website:  www.wnchomemagazine.com

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