Lexington Gateway Mural – Asheville NC

If you have been downtown recently on Lexington Avenue, you may have noticed a lot of scaffolding under the I-240 overpass. But this time it is not due to structural problems, it is actually a beautiful art mural custom designed for Asheville.

This project started out with several artists contributing and developing the design, but ended up consolidating down to a tight group of 5 ( Molly Must, Steven Lister, Kurt Thaesler, Daniel Beck, and Joshua Spiceland). The themes showcased within the Lexington Gateway Mural include the efforts of Sustainability, Arts & Culture. Asheville is community and there are so many people contributing “behind the scenes” to landmark this City. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

Steve Lister graduated from Auburn University and moved to Asheville from Tampa, FL only 5 years ago. He works with a Architecture firm in Asheville called Bowers Ellis & Watson Architects, PA located at 168 Patton Avenue 28801

*An article taken from the http://www.abandre.com/ newsletter.

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