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Laurey Masterton of Laurey Bikes

I am finally beginning to feel like I live here and that it is okay to be home after this ride. Wow – what a challenging and difficult re-entry time. Just about one month. Sheesh.

I took my bike to the shop today and got it tuned up. When you crash and get parts switched around there is a time of adjustment. I have been back on my bike a bit, enough to know that things were not quite right. But then again, my body has been out of kilter too so I was not sure it was the bike. BUT, there was some tweaking that needed to happen, a cable needed replacing, screws needed to be futzed with. Now, once again, I am ready and will get out there tomorrow. Yay. I thought I would share with you that I'm at the beginning stages of imagining a book project of this ride. It's all very fresh in my mind, not even enough to be able to write clearly about it, but, well, now you know almost as much as I do. Live. Love. Bike. Following the Golden Thread. Stay tuned.

Oh, and just so you know, I am still writing a bit on the blog page so do check in every so often if you are so inclined. I have not been able to figure out how to post something there and have it automatically appear here. Still trying to do that. At the moment I seem to be writing about once a week or less, so it's not the most pressing thing.

And finally, it looks like I will finish the fundraising portion of this ride at around $36,000.00, give or take. So thanks to all of you who chipped in. This money will make a difference toward looking for a definitive test for ovarian cancer and to spreading the word about the signs for early detection. I hope there will come a time when all this is a moot point. For now it is not, so thank you for helping me.

Oh, and if you still would like to be a part, I am still accepting donations. Send a check made out to Jubilee, attn: Laurey Bikes to Jubilee at 46 Wall Street, Asheville, NC 28801.

For now – ciao, And thank you. Laurey

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