Last night…..

…..I happened across a place called “Ed Boudreaux’s Bayou BBQ” that I had not once been to in the past, though luckily that streak came to an end. This place is exquisite 🙂 They had live music, an impressive bar, and a humongous flat-screen with a number of sports events going on 🙂 I had what was referred to as a “Voodoo Reuben” which, along with some of the traditional ingredients, had hickory-smoked bacon, pulled pork and a sort of tangy creole mayonnaise that tickled my tongue 🙂 I highly suggest it 🙂 As well, I had somewhat of an odd experience last night. I was walking down a very dark, dusty alley…..the kind you’re supposed to stay away from late at night, and at the same time, I had the latest “Portishead” album pumping into my ears. This is a BAD combination. PORTISHEAD is a group known for it’s creepy-sexy vibe and minimalistic approach, and one of the creepier songs in their repertoire, the chilling “threads” started banging, and as it did, I started walking faster. I was truthfully hesitant to keep walking. It scared me :/ THAT my friends, is what music should do to you 🙂 It should move you to feel a certain way, or move your body in a certain fashion. If it doesn’t, then what’s the point ? I wish I could remember where this particular alley was……

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