Larry Keel & Natural Bridge in Black Mtn

The Flat Picking Legend and His Mighty Band on Tour

Larry Keel & Natural Bridge
Friday, May 29, 2009
White Horse Black Mountain 105c Montreat Road, Black Mountain, NC
Tix $12/ $15
(828) 669-0816

Audiences across the globe are repeatedly rendered slack-jawed with astonishment by the overwhelming creative power of Larry Keel and his band. Like some massive musical storm that has taken on a life of its own, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge continue to gather strength and intensify. Batten down the hatches or prepare to be blown away in the perfect storm, a raging musical maelstrom of swirling innovations. The extended forecast is calling for tonal tornadoes of epic proportions made more dangerous by syncopated sound cyclones scattered with bursts of colossal chord changes and intermittent harmonies. For those in the direct path of this vast vortex of energy, expect to be further battered by sonic tsunamis fed by raging rhythms. Keel advisories will remain in effect until after the second set. The audience at a Larry Keel performance is not simply being entertained; instead, they are having their hearts and brains happily steamed in a boiling cauldron of blazing instrumentation and BRAND NEW original sounds. Driven jamming is linked in flawless cohesion to brilliant and multiple variations—this band is anything but ordinary! A band of kindred spirits who share a common musical vision, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge is: the beautiful, cheerful steady backbone-Jenny Keel (bass fiddle, vocals), the atomic, off the chain fireball-Mark Schimick (mandolin, vocals), the charming, crescendo pickin’ stud-Jason Flournoy (banjo, vocals), and, of course, the MAD, marquee headlining maestro-Larry Keel (guitar, vocals).

Larry Keel is a world renowned, internationally touring, Mountain Music Troubadour. Keel has released 13 albums, and is featured on 9 others. A documentary film about Keel and his band was debuted at Merlefest, as the first film ever shown at the famous Americana festival. His original music has been recorded by Del McCoury Band and Acoustic Syndicate. Larry and his wife Jenny also perform in Keller and The Keels, a side project that also features Keller Williams. The Keller and Keels release, Grass¸ spent 3 months on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart.

The long-awaited second studio project from Larry Keel and his powerhouse acoustic ensemble ‘Natural Bridge’ has finally been unleashed! With these revolutionary tracks Keel and his ultra progressive string band have hand-crafted 7 original compositions of the 10 tunes on BACKWOODS that defy all ordinary expectations of what Bluegrass and Americana music has ever offered– until now. Co-produced by creative genius Keller Williams and monster mountain music master Larry Keel, BACKWOODS is a supremely energizing musical ride. The official release date was February 5, 2009. With BACKWOODS, Keel and his band deliver one of the most powerful, expansive performances ever heard in Acoustic American music to date.

Artist News ** Larry Keel performed with Little Feat at Camp Feat in Negril, Jamaica, Feb 2008.** LK&NB with Tony Rice appeared on NPR’s Mountain Stage on Wed, Dec 12, 2007.** LK&NB was featured on Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour on Monday Nov 12, 2007.** Larry Keel was featured in the Feb 2007 Guitar Player Magazine** Keel Brothers, Vol. 2 is reviewed in the August 2007 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited.** Larry Keel proudly endorses D’Addario Stings.

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