Lake Lure WNC – near Asheville, Hendersonville and Charlotte

When we want to “get away” from Asheville for a few hours; Lake Lure is what we consider a great choice. Families from Charlotte NC and elsewhere are choosing to invest in that mountain home and Riverbend Lake Lure, just outside of AVL, is becoming a very popular choice. (*This photo is of Mirror Lake in Riverbend)

Meet Vista North North Carolina Limited Partnership, Martin Birenbaum, Owner. Real Estate at Riverbend Lake Lure and Riverbend Highlands

We sell resort, retirement and second home sites in our own two communities and assisting the owners in putting their dream home on the lot. We are located in Lake Lure, North Carolina. This is a family owned business with Martin, Robert, and Deena Birenbaum as the principals. We bought both communities in 1990 from a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Robert and Deena have been doing business in WNC since 1980 and Martin joined in 1990 after graduating from Law School.

We are from South Florida, and North Carolina is and has been a hot spot for nearly 30 years. Our favorite things about AVL and WNC are the people, the climate and the taxes. We have always found it unbelievable how friendly and considerate people are in this part of the country (Asheville & WNC.) The best part of our business is helping people meet their dreams of a log cabin in the woods.

Businesses in WNC that you regularly network with and why:
Several companies have been very helpful in assisting us with our vision. Foothills Homes and Birchfield Log Homes provide referrals and home construction to assist our customers. Home Trust Bank and BB&T, providing financial services to assist our customers in achieving their dream home. We thank them for working with us and being a part of our growth in Western North Carolina.

Robert Dungan and Robert Deutsch from Asheville NC have been instrumental in keeping us going.

The top products we offer are: Vacant land sales, and land home packages with Log Cabins and Conventional Homes.
We are not your typical Developers that sell out as quickly as possible and then get as far away from their buyers as possible. Our family owned business has been selling land and managing our three communities for 20 years and pride ourselves in the personal service and care we provide to each and every customer.

Vista North Carolina Limited Partnership
Lake Lure Real Estate
110 Bills Creek Road
Email: or Phone: 1-800-699-1289

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