Lake Louise in Weaverville North Carolina

Here is a video preview of Lake Louise in Weaverville NC, just a few miles North of Asheville.

Not everyone wants to live in the center of downtown Asheville. Some want a little West, East, South, and even North. Lake Louise in Weaverville is about 10 minutes North of downtown AVL. It is a very nice small town and community that many opt for. See More: Asheville Videos

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2 thoughts on “Lake Louise in Weaverville North Carolina

  1. This park is NOT pet friendly! They want you to put your pets on a leash, which is understandable, but then the rule says that pets are prohibited to walk on the trail. This rule basically wants you to walk your loving pets in the road where you and them could get hit by a car because the road around the park is very busy.

  2. The pet rule still stands now the signs say pet friendly but there is one sign that says no pets on trail but that’s where all the little black bags they provide you with to pick up your dogs waste are located I was jogging their and was stoped by the local police department and told I could stay but had to jog in busy road

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