Lake Julian Festival of Lights in South Asheville

Lake Julian Festival of Lights

While driving out tonight, we decided that we wanted to find some holiday cheer in the Asheville area. I remember passing by the entrance to Lake Julian while on Long Shoals the other day and it say that the Festival of Lights, which is a drive-thru holiday light show, was starting on December 4th. I looked at my phone and sure enough, today was December 6th. We headed that way.

When we arrived, there was a shed with three folks in front of it to collect the $5 admission price to enter. And, they give my little girl a candy cane as well. We tuned the radio to a certain channel as they instruction so holiday music was playing the whole time we were there. We drove through once, we drove through twice, and then we drove through for the third time; each round noticing something new and cheery.

If you are looking for a holiday experience in the Asheville area, we definitely recommend you take a ride through the Lake Julian Festival of Lights. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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