Ladies Dressing For Asheville

Asheville Fashion For Ladies

Dressing for Asheville requires you have a lot of different things. You have to have outfits for work, meetings, strolling downtown, nights out and play. Three things the ladies of Asheville can’t go wrong with are a good pair of booties, a swing dress and a vest of some sort. These three things can be worn many different ways, fit every style and can be dressed up or down. Booties are great for Asheville because they can be worn to work and are much more comfortable than heels, they go great with jeans or dresses and skirts and are perfect for walking around town or shopping. Swing dresses are really big this Fall and there is a reason! Swing dresses are flattering on every body type and extremely transitional.

Asheville Fashion For Women

More boho? Wear a swing dress with a kimono and hat, then layer on the jewelry. Need to wear something comfortable yet business casual to work? A swing dress, tights, flats and a cute scarf would be perfect for the office. Vests! I can’t get over vests and they are huge this season. Vests are a great way to add some personality to any outfit plus they add some warmth for Asheville weather. Vests come in many different colors, textures, patterns and lengths. Vests are also something that can transform a simple shirt and slacks into a chic business outfit or a fun vest can add some texture to simple pieces for a night out. These three things are some of my favorite pieces to wear out and about in Asheville and I even like mixing all three together!

What are you favorite pieces to wear out and about in Asheville? Where are your favorite places to shop in the Asheville area, why, and what do they have that is so special? The ladies of Asheville want to know!

This post is by one of our AskAsheville fashion writers… Stephanie!

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