Jubilee Summer Concert 6/21 Asheville NC

Jubilee Summer Orchestra Concert, “I Will Love the 21st Century”, All New Music by Asheville Composers

Host: Jubilee Community

Sun Jun 21 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Jubilee! Community on 46 Wall St. in Asheville NC
Contact Info: 828-545-8865 or Email: info@jubileeorchestra.net

Free Planet Radio, The Trinity Presbyterian Choir, Patrick Littlejohn, Philip Haynie, and Amanda Porter join the Jubilee! Summer Orchestra for a concert of all NEW music by the likes of Jim Jenkins, Rick McAlister, Chappell Kingsland, Hwaen Choque, Hallie Sheaffer, Chris Rosser, Anthony Moore, Patrick Littlejohn, and Douglas and Eric Scheider. Directed by Eric Schedeider. You’ll NEVER hear this much fresh, juicy, local music in a symphony concert EVER!

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