Jimmy’s Automotive North Asheville – Great Company!

Jimmy’s has been in business in North Asheville/Weaverville for many many years. They moved to their new location about 9 years ago, but have been in business in Woodfin for a total of 23 years. You do not get this far in business by being mediocre. Jimmy said the things that gives him a good reputation in the area are “working very hard Monday through Friday” and “being nice to people”. We are proof of that, as they have serviced us perfectly several times. He mentioned about the balance he has mastered on keeping a firm scheduled time for work (M-F 8-5), and then have time for his family, living, etc. Some of us need to learn about that, lol.

*Thank you to the Service Desk @ Jimmy’s Auto… Brian & Trent are awesome!

You can find mechanics anywhere, but your bigger goal should be to get the vehicle repaired properly. A fair price and a great attitude always helps too. Jimmy’s has been that place for us. Visit Jimmy’s if you are looking for an proven established company in Asheville North Carolina. http://www.jimmysauto.com/. *Quick Note… one of our vehicles broke down and Jimmy himself came quickly out of the back of the large shop to find out “who needs a ride home?” Thank you again Jimmy!
Also… see some video on Jimmy’s Automotive here: www.youtube.com/askasheville

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