International Eat Ethnic Foodie App Launches From WNC

eat ethnic foodie mobile app

Lots of excitement is cooking in the foodie world as the Eat Ethnic Mobile App prepares to launch out of the Western North Carolina community, beginning with selections from the great culinary hot spot, none other than Asheville NC! Eat Ethnic has many features including the ability to pinpoint your location, and see all of the wonderful ethnic restaurants and grocery stores in your radius. You will also be able to rate, leave reviews, post photos, favorite places, share finds, and even add “Hidden Gem” locations all across the USA, and then the World.

eat ethnic foodie mobile app gps

Where can you find amazing Greek food, Italian food, Polish food, German food, Spanish food and more in Asheville North Carolina? Are you traveling to another City or State? Where can you find places like this once you get there? The Eat Ethnic App will answer all of these questions and requests, then guide you to the perfect place to grab a bite.

eat ethnic restaurant grocery list

A homegrown Mobile App that will connect you with delicious foods and savor the culinary heritage Country by Country. The Eat Ethnic Crowdfunding Indiegogo Campaign has just launched and is looking for local, regional, national, and “Ethnical” support. Take a moment to review what they are doing and make a pledge to be a part of this great Mobile App!

You can also find Eat Ethnic on Facebook and Twitter.

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