I Am Grover, I Need A Forever Home

As you can see I am as cute as they come. I am a year and a half old Beagle who loves people and life. They say I was the runt of the litter. Not sure what they mean because I may be small in size but I have a huge personality. I am what you say “a big dog in a small package”.

I am sweet and loving… specially with the ladies, although I like the guys too. I love all other dogs, they are great to play with, especially when the humans are busy.

My foster family has 4 other dogs and I especially love one of the Goldens… maybe because she is cute. I told you, I like the ladies. I follow them around and take naps close by them. But from time to time I also hang with the guys. They can be cool too.

I have a big voice and let you know what’s up. If you let me loose I am gonna think you want me to explore and that I love to do; but I prefer to go walking and explore with my human friends.

I don’t like to be alone at all. I get quite upset about it, but that’s my only flaw and I’m working on it… I’m OK as long as I have someone with me, other dogs do just fine.

Check what they say about me at http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=14957050

Would you be my forever family? Please 🙂 I will love you so. Just meet me and you’ll fall in love with me. Guaranteed!

Contact the Animal Compassion Network (828) 258-4820. The name is Grover 🙂


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