How Did Twitter Change Your Life?

I have been thinking about this for several days now and finally have a full rounded idea of how this is working. It used to be when we had or heard of some news, we sent it to one of the conduits available at the time, whether it was “back then” when we telephoned the local news station… or if it was even more recently in emailing our news to the TV stations and/or sending it via text messages.

News, and ways to receive it has changed dramatically even in the past 6 months. The actual news “paper” is in trouble. Television stations are showing old news by 11 o’clock in the evening. The Age of Twitter has come! People no longer have time for, or want to have to get the newspaper and read through a long drawn out article. The main news is in the headline… and then maybe a short subtitle, perfect for the 140 character Tweeting.

I thought about how got that photo of the airplane down in the Hudson around the world in moments. I was not waiting for the news, and I did not have to even wait for the online news feeds to get the story. Jkrums was there and so was I!

I was thinking last night how the future of news is going to change drastically in the next 12 months. News reporters and big video cameras are no longer needed. The best reporter a news station can hire in this new 2009 tech era is one who knows how to use a Smartphone (Blackberry in my case, but I want an ObamaBerry!) and a Flip Video Camera.

Asheville Custom Home Builders, LLC. heard about Twitter through and quickly grabbed the Asheville Home Builders url with the max amount of characters allowed. Nice. I was talking to Miss North Carolina International tonight, and she is the first (Numero Uno!) active Miss International to ever be represented on Twitter. Wow! Melissa’s url is This is a whole new day and age… and when somebody yells something new or high tech, you best listen my friend.

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