Home Builders In Asheville prepare to BOOM for 2009!

After talking to several Asheville Home Builders, we believe the majority of good Contractors in and around the Asheville area are preparing for business to begin picking up rather quickly. Many home builders in the WNC area had it really rough during this economic situation we are facing here at the beginning of 2009. We heard today of a local Asheville plumbing subcontractor going out of business because all of his builders cannot pay him any of the money that they owe his company. Asheville Framing has had several Contractors disappear on them on payday. Customers moving to Asheville and building a home in the area must be careful to choose wisely. Many builders will be trying to pay old debt from 2008 with any profit coming in 2009. Not good at all. This leaves many contracting companies (including the “big ones”) trying to catch up, pay their old debt, pay past overhead, stay afloat, and use your money to pay off someone else’s home. Of course banks know about this and they are keeping a tight eye on it. Watch out for those deals that are too good to be true!

If you are interested in coming to Asheville; get in touch with a stable Asheville Home Builder such as Asheville Custom Home Builders, LLC. You can view their website at www.AshevilleCustomHomeBuilders.com. They run a lot of their business through the Asheville BB&T Bank, and can assist you in finding a great piece of property or estate as well.

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