Hip Hop kinda banned from Bele Chere in Asheville NC

As the cultural diversity in Asheville attempts to increase, Hip Hop has become a sort of Taboo to the AVL area. Several months ago, a committee was formed to put the music lineup together for Bele Chere. The even put a black guy (@SocialLifeAVL) on the team, but when the mention of a Hip Hop concert coming to the event, it was quickly shut down.

Here are some of the Facebook comments tonight:

“I just saw the Bele Chere news clip from today. WTF was that dude Roderick Simmons from Parks and Rec talking about. He is such a disgrace to Asheville and the black community. Saying that there is not enough room for Hip Hop at Bele Chere. It’s people like him that is setting us and our youth back! GTFOH!”

“thats sad…. we use to have the best entertainment at Bele Chere ….. but now it sucks… i hate that for Asheville..”

“I say fuck belle chere get it popping for goombay”

“U smell that? Smells like bullshit to me!”

“NOT ENOUGH ROOM!? Theres enough room for all the bands no one has ever heard of.”

“He said Bele Chere is “like the NCAA tournament, only the best teams get in”. Wouldn’t hip hop be the better team and win the championship??? smh”

“Here it is, somebody is standing up for diversity and your culture and a NIGGA, always comes in and sets us back further. “Yes Man” How are you a black person and a head official at Parks and Rec and don’t push for your culture??? Backwards….”

“HE is very backwards, does not like to acknowledge his own kind, one of the biggest departments in the city and are always getting hit by the budget cuts, programs leaving the rec centers…YES MAN!”

“So what we do then, is father together any and all artist and have our own hip hop acts come do it up….”

We have heard that this started when Timmy Smith attempted to get DJ Kool to perform at Bele Chere.

What do you have to say about this?

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