Hillary Clinton can represent Change… Especially with Obama

Barack Obama represents change. We have all heard his slogan, seen his signs, and know that he needs to back it up. Today they have announced that Hillary Clinton is his Secretary of State. Everyone is saying how can he say that CHANGE is going to happen when Hillary is on his cabinet.
I think this does represent Change. I think that if he is willing to look past his own personal thoughts (not saying he thinks bad of Clinton) but know that America’s best interest is the real concern. I believe that Hillary has some great ideas and will work closely with Obama to Change America!
During the beginning of the Democratic Primary Clinton had a lot of old ideas, the same thing we had heard before, but at some point she realized that if something doesn’t change, America is not going to. So some of her ideas changed, some of her policies changed. Get the point… They CHANGED!
Now so can we. So can America! So can our economy! I encourage Obama to look past personal thoughts, I encourage him to Change US!

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