Great Times At NC Apple Fest 2015

NC Apple Fest Hendersonville 2015We decided not to wait a day or two, so we took a ride out to beautiful Hendersonville North Carolina to visit the North Carolina Apple Fest downtown on Main Street. Yes, it should go without saying, but we were surrounded by tons of apples just about everywhere we looked. And not only that. We got to see a lot of wonderful folks in the community having a great time along with us. Funnel cakes were being slung, a bunch of rides available for the kids, face painting, fresh squeezed lemonade, food, music, and even some dancing. Just a good old time all around. The Fire Department even had an interactive game where the kids shot water into windows that showed a fire in the house. And on the other side of their table, they were trying to get folks to dance in a booth. I really like how they are rolling out here nowadays! A strong Police and Paramedic presence, mixed in with locals, visitors, hippies, hipsters, punk rockers, and even some “normal” folk. Hahaha Hendo is gaining some big personality. Anyway, there are 3 more days left for you to visit Hendersonville and the North Carolina Apple Fest, so get on out there!! We will be posting a video on the AskAsheville Facebook Page soon showing some of our experience today.

My Hair and Spa Adventure in Hendersonville NC

lux salon hendersonville north carolina hair After our last episode in Hendersonville North Carolina, we decided to head back to LUX Salon to have a few of the many beautifying and relaxing experiences they have to offer. When I walked in, Meagan immediately welcomed me and we talked for a few moments. Then Casey came up, led me away, and offered a cup of coffee. Gladly accepted. This was just the beginning. casey lux salon hendersonville I was taken into the “Quiet Room” which is a whole ‘nother world. The lights were dimmer, the music was softer, I was listening to running water… as Casey started massaging my hands with sugar; leading to an amazing paraffin hand wax. Wow! I am SO addicted. This was like the engagement period, the red carpet, the road to a wonderful experience as I began to relax and kind of let this take me away.


And it did… Jenna took over (or took me over) for a “Wash House Experience” that I will never forget. I am very high energy (I do more work in my sleep than you do in real life) but this completely melted my mind and “forced” me to relax a little more. The product they used was so refreshing on my scalp, and believe me.. her fingers did the walking.. and they gave me an incredible hair-wash-massage. You have never! At one point I shivered, and at another point I was covered in goosebumps, I even dreamed for a second as actual feelings came back into my body and soul. From a social media robot, back to a human being in less than an hour. I am tellin’ you! So WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jenna. jenna wilson lux salon hendersonville north carolina Jenna Wilson Gary Charles Lux Salon Hendersonville NC Next, Jenna took me out to her magical hair station and cut my hair perfectly. She matched my style with a “haircut” that I felt very comfortable with. It brought the real me out even more; which if some of you would get to know.. is so beautiful hahaha! Anyway, you know what I’m saying’.. this place got the goods. If you do not know where to start, start right here, at LUX, and tell them Gary said they can hook you up! They will take care of you. Let their creativity give you an enhanced or new image of the beautiful (or handsome lol) you.

Boutique Shopping in Hendersonville NC

hendersonville nc women shopping

Hendersonville has a lot to offer, plenty of hidden gems and a wonderful community is surfacing more than ever. As tourism and travel increases in Asheville, the neighboring towns will grow right along with it. 

la vida local hendersonville nc

While touring and shopping in Hendersonville recently, we came across this women’s and children’s boutique shop called La Vida Loca. I remember shopping in this store years ago when they were at another location right down the street. Now they have a new and bigger shop on Main Street. The owner was extremely enthusiastic about all of the wonderful styles and fashion they had to offer. One of the staff was there and she quickly changed into a few outfits so I could take some photos. Great time, beautiful outfits, made a few new friends, and now I know where to send my women to shop in Hendersonville NC!

With the new growth in our company, we now have a team in Hendersonville North Carolina and we are getting ready to create some amazing experiences in the area that will make you want to visit, duplicate and do yourself!

Hendersonville Hair Salon, Meet Lux

Jenna Wilson Christine Audiss Lux Salon Hendersonville North Carolina

While the social media team was working in Hendersonville NC recently, we received a “tweet” from Lux Salon. We had time to spare, and had heard so much about this spot, that we decided to stop by randomly and see what we find.

Christine Audiss Hendersonville Hair Salon Lux

To our amazement, we met the one and only Christine Audiss and the wonderful Jenna Wilson who welcomed us and toured our team. The initial feeling.. these gals are great and this place is comfortable; we wouldn’t mind spending more time here. We even got to see the “Quiet Room” .. luxury spa type relaxation at its best.

Hendersonville Hair Lux Salon NC

The final decision, we are putting this place on our Western North Carolina staycation mapper of things to do in Hendersonville. We are headed back to have the full experience, and we will keep you updated on our visit!!

High School in Hendersonville NC releases Anti-Bullying Video

Bullying happens everywhere, and it does not stop when you get out of High School. Many have been faced with bullying from parents, family, siblings, teachers, so-called friends, employers, co-workers and even strangers. Bullying happens at home, at school, on the streets and yes… on social media outlets constantly. This even happens in Western North Carolina, many times by adults who know better, claim that they are community minded & wear a peace hat. Some bullies are loud, proud and vocal about it; while others privately bully others behind the scenes with a smile on their face. Bullies are weaklings that find their strength in stepping on what they consider weaker people, instead of working to better themselves. They put a mask of toughness up to hide who they really are… weak and helpless, screaming for help. It is easier for them to pick on others and make enemies instead of friendships. The team at West Henderson High School performs and makes a statement to the song “Roar” by Katy Perry. This was submitted to Good Morning America for the contest.