HATCH Asheville – Downtown Asheville on Saturday 4/18/09

There are lots of events going on today, Saturday April 18, 2009 at Hatch Asheville. I am sitting in the Journalism event at 26.5 Battery Park in Downtown Asheville listening to beautiful radio clips that Julie Shapiro is presenting; and I have a big schedule ahead. At 1pm, there is a Fashion Panel at the Innovators Lounge at 46 Wall Street, an Architecture event at Battery Park, and a Groundbreaker Short Films event at the Fine Arts Theatre (film is $8).

At 2pm today, there is a “Fashion Breakout” at 26.5 Battery Park, at 3pm there is a Music Industry discussion at the Innovator’s Lounge, at 4pm Elisa Jimenez will be at the AAAC Front Gallery at 11 Biltmore Avenue for a Fashion Event, and also a film called “Good Dick” at the Fine Arts Theatre (film is $8). At 6pm tonight there will be an Architecture Panel Discussion followed by an Exhibit Reception at the Asheville Design Center on 8 College Street. At 7pm, there will also be a film “Made in China” at the Fine Arts Theatre for $8. Also at 9 pm tonight at the Fine Arts Theatre there will the Groundbreaker Short Films event for $8.

The HATCH closing event is at The Orange Peel tonight 4/18/09 at The Orange Peel at 101 Biltmore Avenue. Food, Drinks, Music and Video. This is a ticketed event and tickets are $25, and you are promised an awesome time. Fun, networking, connections, socializing, inspiration and life! This is our future Asheville. Get out and HATCH a little!

Asheville is very fortunate to have http://www.hatchasheville.org/ as a part of our community. I believe they will be planting in Asheville for the next 9 years at least, and by then, they should be here to stay!

HATCH, thank you for all of your hard work and the many great contributions you are making to the Asheville and Western North Carolina community. My life has been enriched so much in just a few days.

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