Great Times At NC Apple Fest 2015

NC Apple Fest Hendersonville 2015We decided not to wait a day or two, so we took a ride out to beautiful Hendersonville North Carolina to visit the North Carolina Apple Fest downtown on Main Street. Yes, it should go without saying, but we were surrounded by tons of apples just about everywhere we looked. And not only that. We got to see a lot of wonderful folks in the community having a great time along with us. Funnel cakes were being slung, a bunch of rides available for the kids, face painting, fresh squeezed lemonade, food, music, and even some dancing. Just a good old time all around. The Fire Department even had an interactive game where the kids shot water into windows that showed a fire in the house. And on the other side of their table, they were trying to get folks to dance in a booth. I really like how they are rolling out here nowadays! A strong Police and Paramedic presence, mixed in with locals, visitors, hippies, hipsters, punk rockers, and even some “normal” folk. Hahaha Hendo is gaining some big personality. Anyway, there are 3 more days left for you to visit Hendersonville and the North Carolina Apple Fest, so get on out there!! We will be posting a video on the AskAsheville Facebook Page soon showing some of our experience today.

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