Great Times at Brioso Asheville!

We have been going to Brioso Fresh Pasta in South Asheville a lot lately. One of these times we brought a bunch of our friends with us. We asked them “What is your favorite feature at Brioso?” Here is what they had to answer:

1. Ease of finding vegetarian items on Menu. – A. Smith
2. Both raviolis were amazing as was the spinach salad and panna cotta. – J. McKay
3. The upper management. – D. Bentley
4. Lasagna – N. DeYoung

5. Fresh ingredients. – M. DeYoung
6. Fresh food! Friendly service! – L. McKay
7. Brioso salad, Primavera Con Gamberi. – S. Patton
8. The way that you can choose your own pasta and sauce from menu. – I. Guo
9. Lasagna – L. Harden
10. Like the cheese on the appetizer, yummy ravioli, good sauces, awesome Triamisu and ice cream thing. – E. Scholze
11. Butternut squash ravioli – J. Sterling
12. Open atmosphere, fresh ingredients. – S. Needham
13. Seafood ravioli – J. Jakubielski
14. Panna cotta – C. Izon
15. The lights! – J. Stouder

16. Beer – Unknown
17. I liked the cream cake. – J. Wilks
18. Staff hands down! – A. Neil
19. Primavera Con Gamberi – Delicious! – S. Hendrix
20. I like the friendly/family atmosphere. – J. Rogers
21. Atmosphere – M. Dotson
22. The compassion for fresh + friendly + family feel. – J. Guadagnino
23. Service and pasta. – K. Denson

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