Great Art and Good Business, Do They Mix?

Not always, but they definitely do at Perdue Studios located in River View Station at the River district. Warren Perdue founded the company in 2003 when he and his wife, Anna, moved to Asheville seeking a community of like-minded people and a great art scene. You can see Warren’s work all over Asheville. I am sure you’ve notice the beautiful door next to Barley’s Tap Room or the gorgeous tables and railings at Carmel’s. Warren’s work is distinctive and beautiful, and you know it when you see it.

The products and services of a business contribute to its success, but by no means are they the only factors. There are many practices that help a business thrive, two critical ones are: impeccable customer service and flexibility, and Perdue Studios is true to both of them.

Customers are not always pleasant. They are not always ideal. They may or may not appreciate what you do and who you are; but they are the customers and you need to value them even if they don’t reciprocate. When you have this attitude towards your customers, your business grows organically. Your customers will frequent your business more often and refer their friends to you because they know you’ll take care of them.

The second business practice that Warren implements is flexibility, which is the ability to adapt to circumstances. If there is something that ensures the success of a business, this is it. A flexible business has a multi-prong marketing strategy and a diverse customer base.

Perdue Studios works with builders, architects, small businesses and private individuals. Warren has built a strong and diverse customer base that allows him to respond to market conditions. He is able to do structural work such railings and stairs and he also creates beautiful stainless steel kitchen countertops, furniture, sculptures, water features, stained glass windowsand and much more; and he does everything with the same dedication to quality. This flexibility and market reach allows his business to thrive even in tough economic times.

Yes, great art and good business do mix.

You may contact Warren Perdue at 1-828-772-4183 or via email at

Visit his website at

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