Google… Asheville Really Wants You

Asheville North Carolina hopes to be the recipient of Google’s high speed broadband network. Year ago the Chamber of Commerce had an IT Council where they talked about attracting technology based companies to the AVL area. The mountains produce some limitations as far as attracting big corporations that need 100’s of acres to develop. In this terrain, keeping your footprint small and building up instead of out is more of a necessity than an option. Then there are those who would like to construct skyscrapers in the Asheville area and attempt to kind of blend them with the mountains.

If Google comes to Asheville NC, the local economy would be greatly stimulated. Besides the jobs that Google could bring to the community; many technology companies from a few hundred mile radius and beyond will relocate to AVL to get in on the action. Not tech only, but everyone in the Asheville community would benefit from the trickle effect. From restaurants, local AVL merchants and just about any trade you can think of. Folks will be moving, building, eating, shopping, working, living and having a big effect on the whole Asheville and WNC community. Educational resources would be more available and the quality of learning will be increased greatly.

Google in Asheville… Maybe a sort of Silicon Valley of the Southeast mixed with the great cultural diversity, music and arts, culinary cuisine, and an unmatched community of people working together. Having high speed will allow companies to transfer files and connect on a much faster level. Talk about “Green” and working more efficiently… this is it!

Google has already changed the whole face of the Internet and continues to amaze the world with the many complimentary platforms they provide individuals and businesses. Google provides such a great daily part of our lives with websites like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Feedburner, Picasa, Wave… and of course their infamous Search Engine. Asheville + Google = AskAsheville, and AskAVL actually uses a Google Custom Search feature on their site to provide more targeted local Asheville and WNC results. G Social Media builds social media packages for many AVL and WNC businesses and uses Google platforms as the main stage for everything they do.

Google – Asheville would be proud to be a part of your high speed broadband project, and collectively, we will not let you down. We Want You!

Support Google coming to Asheville by clicking HERE!

Also see GoogleAVL for more information. Thank you.

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