GoForth Won, but Purdue won 33% @ 38 cents a pop!

Paul Purdue wishes to congratulate his opponent, Representative Bruce Goforth on a hard fought campaign. Given the tremendous surge for Democrats now controlling every aspect of life in Buncombe County and apparently our nation, he is pleased to have garnered as many votes as he did. He feels this demonstrates the underlying validity of his positions.

Paul Purdue thanks all the people who came forward to vote for him, or who donated ten dollars or some time to help him mount this effort. This was one of the most economical campaigns ever run in North Carolina.

Paul spent less than $5000 total compared to the $250,000 his opponent amassed and walked away with 33% of the vote. This should encourage others to come forward and run for office, demonstrating that good ideas and a pleasant presentation CAN have good effect.

When you compare raw numbers, our opponent had resources to spend nearly TEN DOLLARS ($10) per vote cast in his favor. We spent around 38 cents per vote which we feel for a seat that pays $20,000 per year is a legitimate amount.

Paul Purdue is grateful to his family, friends and supporters. He will cherish every vote as an affirmation that his ideas and manner were acceptable to many of his neighbors. He looks forward to seeing you around town.

And Paul’s volunteers will also be watching to make sure those who have been entrusted with representing the families of this district concentrate on representing our needs and NOT on raising vast amounts of cash for themselves.

Read More by going to www.Purdue08.com

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