Getting To Know The Asheville Homeless Network A Little Better

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The Asheville Homeless Network has been helping many needy people for over 13 years now. Up until the second half of 2014, “Filling in the Cracks” in the system was an honorable yet not well known subject as most of the private sector only saw the bigger service providers who were extremely funded as being adequate to getting things done.  Today, far more involvement and far more funding would be required to really start filling in some of the bigger gaps in the system. To that end, AHN has taken on a new face, while still maintaining the original services and while remaining a totally volunteer organization.

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In the past couple months, AHN has joined the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, entered into working relationships with the 7th Day Adventists, presented a new face to the Asheville Homeless Network and updated all our other important service agreements like 211 which is the Homeless Hotline managed by United Way.  AHN has become more proactive in many areas that were not explored in the past years and may not have been as necessary as they are today.  AHN has chosen to be more proactive in regards to quality relationship building long term.

asheville homeless network

The Asheville Homeless Network now seeks to also take its place as one of the leaders in this service area.  AHN recognizes that there will be a greater need for “Fill in the Gaps” services as well as creating new services without having to go through the a lot of the Red Tape other service providers might be burdened with.  To this end, AHN will become more dependent on the private sectors for the purpose of raising additional funds to help keep these service programs up and running.  The good news is always that volunteers definitely keep the higher costs associated with funded programs to a minimum allowing for far more services to be offered.

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