Frock – Asheville Women’s Store

Frock, the women’s store of Asheville North Carolina is located right across from The Flying Frog Cafe on Battery Park Avenue, right below where the Flat Iron was, is, whatever, lol. Ladies… you need to stop by and check out the selection and vibe, nice. Actually met them first online… on Facebook to be exact. Took this info from the “About Us” page on Betsy’s website…

The story of
f r o c k
by Betsy Bradfield

In my eighth grade year, David Millard Junior High stood proudly atop a hill on Woodfin Street where Beverly Hanks Office Park currently sits on the now level site. Every school day, as the afternoon bell rang out its freedom to us students, my friends and I walked the few blocks up to Woolworth’s, went straight to our big red booth and ordered Cokes and french fries. This had less to do with a great thirst or hunger than it did with the point of being seen downtown. My eyes, in particular, were searching for a particular yellow MG Midget with big white dots painted on it…my crush of the year behind the wheel.

Memories of these times fuel my love for this town which I am fortunate enough to have called home since my birth. There are five generations of women in my family from my 96-year-old grandmother down to my two beautiful granddaughters…and we all still live here in Asheville!

I’ve had two businesses since my three children- Jenny, Stephen, and Laura- were school age. My first business was custom sewing and design for homes, and the second and more recent was jewelry design. My daughters and I have discussed the idea of a boutique a few times over the past few years, and I’m glad to have Jenny as my partner in this adventure. Our different ages and ideas blend perfectly to bring a little something for all who appreciate style and individuality.

I chose “frock” as the name because my grandaddy, Clovis, used to notice if I wore something other than worn out jeans and workboots (”brogans” to him). He’d say, “That’s a mighty pretty frock you’re wearin’ today.” His tendency to rarely speak–between chopping wood, playing checkers, cracking black walnuts, or smoking a pipe– made those words all the sweeter. They made me feel like a girl…instead of the tomboy I was.

It’s funny how a life of random memories and events can lead to me putting everything I have into a new venture like this store, but it’s not just the past that led up to it. The future feels brighter and full of possibilities…meeting new people, learning new things (like Quickbooks!), and speaking a whole new vernacular…(at my first trade show, the vendors were saying things like 3-15, 4-15, etc. and it was the end of the day before I realized I’d just been saying, “yea, sure” to shipping dates). Before the store even opened, I had a room full of clothes, handbags, hangers, and mannekins at my house.

Another thing that means a lot to me is that my store is located in the historic Miles Building, which has fared a better fate than David Millard Junior High School. The new owners of my building have put their energy into seeing the original vision of the Miles family, which was to keep it a space for small retail businesses instead of more downtown condominiums. I’m proud to be part of that kind of preservation of Asheville’s heritage.

There’s a lot at frock…not just clothes, jewelry, belts, scarves and handbags, but all my hopes and wishes for everyone to feel good. Plus, I even get to look at Woolworth’s from the front window all day!


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