A Free Ride To Oskar Blues

There is no denying it, by anyone, that Asheville is most definitely a beer town. Until I moved here, I really didn’t know that great beer existed. I drank beer, mostly for its effects, and mostly the kind of beer that is not socially accepted here in beer city (shhh, don’t tell). But luckily I have a new appreciation for craft beer. I have developed a palate for hops, and sometimes it is more of a challenge to find a beer that doesn’t have such a strong effect if you know what I mean.

So I was completely on board when my friend decided that for his birthday celebration we would be taking the Oskar Blues trolley from Asheville to Brevard. This was a relief as the alcohol content in Oskar Blues beer will get you where you want to go, and nowhere good if you are driving.

oskar blues trolley

They picked up our group in West Asheville, behind the Pub. We boarded, the tolerant driver allowed us to play our music loud and proud, and after a quick stop downtown to pick up more beer adventurists we hit the highway, birthday hats and tiara’s blowing in the wind.

oskar blues trolley driver

After a pretty long trek, but beautiful ride, we arrived at our destination, followed the line of kegs and ceiling high rows of cans to the tasting room and commenced to sipping. There is no reason to drink these heavy beers too fast. For hours we sampled beer, listened to the live band, tried out the food truck, and played corn hole, all around good ol’ birthday fun.

oskar blues brevard ncoskar blues brewery kegs

When the trolley pulled up to take us home I remember thinking that the timing was impeccable. It was the perfect amount of time to hang out without overstaying our welcome. After a fairly rowdy trolley ride home, full of yelling, singing, and overall libation merriment, we made it back home just as the rain started to fall.

oskar blues beer

It was a 30th birthday celebration to be remembered, well mostly remembered, and most importantly it was a free ride (that’s right, FREE) to just one of the beautiful places in WNC, and just one of the great breweries that decided to move here. Thank you Oskar Blues for offering to chauffer our crazy group, we will see you again soon. Don’t worry, not too soon.

This article written by Emily Ballard of ESB Writing Services

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