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Okay, I confess, I was the last adult in Asheville who didn’t have at least one tattoo-at least up until yesterday. I’d been thinking about it for a while, and when the opportunity came up, I jumped on it. I headed out with my friend Julie yesterday morning in search of a place that would take our money and inflict pain on us… it was harder than you’d think, for a place like this. Several shops claimed to be open but were locked up tight, and one guy said he’d come let us in but never did. Maybe they saw us coming and got scared, I dunno. Anyway, driving up Haywood Road in W. Asheville, we spotted Freaks & Geeks Tattoo Sideshow. I was drawn to the name; I loved that show, and Paul Feig is a genius, but I digress.

Julie and I fell in love with the place. The artists, Tiffany and Galen, were friendly, helpful, and absolutely hilarious. I’m kind of a wimp about pain and was a nervous wreck, especially since I’d been told that it felt less like being poked with needles and more like having a razor slicing through your skin slowly, but these people totally put me at ease. They worked with us to make sure we got exactly the designs we wanted, and they came out beautifully. Tiffany did Julie’s tattoo and Galen did mine, and we were both happy with the results.

Afterward they went over the aftercare thoroughly and reminded us to call if we had any questions. Freaks & Geeks are fun and friendly and totally irreverent, but at the same time it’s clear that they’re professionals and take their work seriously. This is a place you could go and hang out and laugh the afternoon away, even if you weren’t in the market for a new tattoo. I’m definitely going back for my next one.

Freaks & Geeks Tattoo Sideshow is located at 725 Haywood Rd. in Asheville. They’re open noon to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and noon to 6 on Sunday and Monday. Contact them at 828-254-4429 or go to their web site, for more information.

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