Fox-Elipsus in Asheville #avlmusic

From: Fox-Elipsus Asheville: I'm from Oxford, England, and I'm trying to bring important and meaningful songs to music, like John Lennon did.

This year I'm playing 400 FREE shows! I am playing a free show in Asheville NC on Tuesday! My show is THIS TUE 13TH Oct at 7pm at Starbucks (62 Charlotte St). I also have shows in Nashville (Sat), Huntsville (Sun, 1pm), Chattanooga (Sun, 7pm), Knoxville (Mon) and Kingsport (Wed) if those are closer.

Please come if you can and bring friends, they'll love it & I need the support. Show how much Asheville supports music! Hear the music: go to then click "become a fan." Then click "suggest to friends", share the love & peace! My 2 double-CDs are available for $10 at or e-mail

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