Five Great Local Asheville Bands

Photos and writing courtesy of AskAsheville Music Correspondent Robert Forte.

From buskers to bluegrass, classical to country, or jazz to jam bands, one cannot escape nor ignore the vibrant musical collective that is continuously bursting out from under Asheville’s many street corners, sidewalk cafes and music halls.

Because of this, some avid music lovers of our AskAsheville team have dedicated themselves to providing traditional forms of coverage regarding Asheville’s vast musical landscape.  Our mission is to uniquely support and promote the business; musicians as well as the legion of often unsung individuals behind the scenes that have allowed Asheville to become one of the premier musical destinations in America today.

We are beyond excited to begin this journey alongside Asheville’s eclectic artistic community and we relish the opportunity to become even a small part of city’s burgeoning musical fraternity. In order to build Asheville’s music community, our aim is to promote the artists themselves by sharing weekly band profiles. Below is a list of five great local bands who we will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

1. Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats
Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats
Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats have evolved from a one-man street corner busker project, to a standard three-piece rock outfit, to the present-day incarnation that consists of five members, including a horns section, that have become locally known for their energetic and over the top live performances.
2. The Broadcast
The Broadcast
Led by bombastic female lead singer Caitlin Krisko, The Broadcast delivers 70’s era eight-track classic sound mixed with a dash of modern day radio rock and topped with a playful soul driven edge.
3. Goldie and the Screamers
Goldie and the Screamers
Neo-Soul and old school R&B groove machine Goldie and the Screamers are on a mission to deliver sultry originals and inspired covers that one minute are melting your heart and the next minute are getting you out of seat dancing uncontrollably.
4. David Earl and the Plowshares
David Earl and the Plowshares
If you’re wondering if roots based swamp gospel rock n’ roll is alive and well, simply make it a point to get out to one of David Earl and the Plowshares live shows and you most assuredly will be easily convinced that indeed it is.
5. The Get Right Band
 The Get Right Band
Relix magazine called The Get Right Band “an ass shaking good time” and with good reason.  They seamlessly combine rock, funk and reggae into a unique groove based sound that is forged by exceptional musicianship and astute song composition.

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