First Restaurants in Weaverville NC Win!

Here is a photo of the Weaverville, New Stock Pizza Hut. i don’t know about you, but i have never had a good experience here. Last time i was “forced” to go, I did not get my drink for 45 minutes (being nice, it was really 50 minutes).

Some great options have opened in North Asheville, but we are still lacking. If a better managed chain like Cracker Barrell came, it would be an immediate hit/hero for the area. These are the 6 actual restaurants in Weaverville that have never let me down. Here they are: 1. Stoney Knob Cafe, 2. North Star Diner, 3. Blue Mountain Pizza, 4. Sunnyside Cafe, 5. Weaverville Milling Company, 6. Athens.

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