February 2009 Newsletter from Asheville Building and Real Estate

Hello Everyone and thank you for writing and asking where the newsletter was! We are reconstructing a few things in the company and becoming more efficient in everything. Plus with all of this Web 2.0 that some of our team has been doing has made this new year really interesting. If you or your team of Realtors or Builders need any type of training on Websites or Social Networking in the business realm, you need to send me an email and at least request some more info. G Social Media is doing all of our work, and you get so much exposure and so many contacts for peanuts! Anyway… some of you know Gary and what he does, and you cannot find anyone in this field that could touch his expertise. The network team he has developed goes from San Diego, to Asheville, to NYC. Several huge deals in the works including a possible full-tech building in the mountains of WNC. If there is something new out on the market, they know about it, have tested it, and even have evaluation notes on the proper usage of it. Too deep for me, but so easy for them. They can set you and your team up with a social media package, allow easy daily/hourly/whenever live updating for everyone from your desktop, laptop, and even from a text message you send from your cell phone… online in moments, live links and everything. Realtors… do not be left behind or distracted by someone who thinks they know. G does! Let them show you a sample. They just finished a small package for Miss North Carolina and made her the 1st Miss North Carolina to be set up with high tech social media communications. Very nice job guys! See G Social: http://www.gsocialmedia.blogspot.com/

Asheville News – News Goes Tech … Have you ever wanted a combination of news, blogs, ideas, recipes, small talk, notes… well kind of like a newspaper without paper? One of the biggest newest news sources in the Asheville area is on Twitter.com/AshevilleNews

Asheville Real Estate – Are we coming back? The Real Estate maket in Asheville North Carolina is yearning for a full recovery, but only small sparks of life so far. Several Realtors and Builders have contacted us and have mentioned a small influx of possibilities inquiring. While on the other side, superintendents and project managers from big local companies like Cooper Construction and Construction Logic are now looking for work and sending their resumes into everyone. News is that Coldwell Banker got caught with the bag in their hand in having too many spec projects to cover. Good and bad news comes and goes. What can you do to prepare for the good news and make it happen? If you are not focusing online, you are setting yourself up for failure. The Realtors who will rise are the ones who keep up with the tech times. Who will be the ones to step up?

Asheville Home Builder reaches out during crisis – Asheville Custom Home Builders has recently worked with New Life Options, the Eblen Foundation, and Kimmel to make sure the residential rehabilitation center in Downtown Asheville stayed open. With help from the Fire Marshal and from Harry Taylor; Life on Life’s Terms kept its doors open and continue to reach out and help where needed. Thank you Bruce and Asheville Custom Home Builders! Oh, and they are the first Asheville Home Builders on Twitter! Nice Work ACHB. Need a high tech builder to network with? These are They. AshevilleCustomHomeBuilders.com

Please go to AshevilleHomeBuilding.com for a free, completely free, profile where you can put all of your info, live link to other sites, meet other businesses and people, and much more.
Thank you. http://www.abandre.com/

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