Family w/3 kids in Asheville in need of help

Sent in through our AskAsheville MySpace page today… “Hello, My name is Pam & I am pleading for any help I can find for my daughter, her husband & 3 children!I live in Arden in a small apartment. I encouraged my daughter to move here because the small town they were in folded up. There were no jobs available. They moved here this past July & have found a few jobs but haven’t been able to find affordable housing & daycare. They lived with me until I was at risk of losing my apartment & moved into a house they couldn’t afford. They cannot pass the credit checks for living here. They are hard workers & willing to do what they can to survive, but they are on the verge of being homeless as of today! We have even called all the shelters here & they were told they are full! Everyone is having a hard time because of the economy & you hear all the time of people losing everything they have & being put out on the street so I am trying to take care of my own. I just don’t have any more ideas or resources. Please, Please if you can give me any ideas or resources or HELP please contact me. Pam D.

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