Expanding Relationship Options with Asheville Erotic Edutainer Spycey Spyce

Have you ever felt like the options you’ve been given to relate to people romantically don’t work for what you feel is right for you? Do you find yourself jumping from one scenario to another searching for the “one” and not finding it? Are you ready to look deep into your psyche, your past, and discover what will serve you in the highest way in the present? Are you exploring an alternative relationship style already and want to dig deeper? Then these classes are for you!

Expanding Relationship Options and Exploring NonMonogamy 6 week series; Tuesdays, April 24-May 29, 2012; 7:30-9:30pm hosted by Erotic Edutainer Spycey Spyce www.spyceybuzz.com

Cost is $15 per drop in class, or register in advance for the series and it’s only $10 per class! **Discount available with multiple class signups. Located at Eden Tantra, 15 Beverly Rd, W Asheville, NC 28806. Register Online at www.edentantra.com

Class Descriptions

Class 1) You Down with OPP? Welcome to NonMonogamy! Oftentimes the options we’re given in society to relate romantically don’t work for many of us. Take a deep look within to discover if adopting this age old, but rarely practiced concept will help you create the healthy, and meaningful connections you desire.

Class 2) Talk it Out: Creating Clear Communication. When you think you’ve told your partner everything, you just may need to tell them more. Being open about your feelings is essential and learning how to do so from a state of objectivity and self aware vulnerability is key to maintaining harmonious open dialogues with your partners.

Class 3) Get What You Want & Go with the Flow: Negotiating Boundaries. The joy to an open scenario is creating a framework that works for you and those you are connecting with. Knowing what that is provides a foundation that is safe sexually as well as emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Class 4) Managing the Green-Eyed Monster: Redefining Jealousy. Jealousy in a natural human emotion, and one of the hardest ones to deal with. No matter how long we practice, jealousy may always return. Its not about changing the feeling, but about changing the reaction. Learn how we can examine and redevelop our feelings in order to live the most full lives possible and allow our romantic partners to do the same.

Class 5) Lots of Lovin: Nurturing ALL your Connections. The more people you have intimately in your life, the more diligent you must be about managing your relationships with them. And then there are your partner’s partners. How to be inclusive and caring, in a safe and honest way. How to compromise without losing any excitement, intimacy, or sense of identity.

Class 6) Takin it to the Streets: Coming out and Living Your Truth. Its easier to be open in a safe community of like minded people, but what about society at large that may not understand your way of relating? How to be deeply rooted in our own personas so we can be our authentic selves to everyone that we know.

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