Wham Bam! Bowie Band! w/ The Cheeksters

December 28, 2013 @ 9:00 pm America/New York Timezone
The Grey Eagle
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, 28801
United States

9pm show, 8pm doors. $10 ADV, $12 day of show. ALL AGES. Standing room only.


David Bowie and his vast library of music need no introduction. Yet, even with dozens of charting hits and top-selling albums, many music fans have not delved into the hidden gems in Bowie’s catalog. The members of Wham Bam Bowie Band! are on a mission to not only faithfully present Bowie’s colossal classic-rock hits, but also to dig deep into the catalog and present the music that continues to influence generations and create new genres.

Lead singer Mark Casson, also of The Cheeksters, became a Bowie fan along with countless other young Brits when David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars appeared on Top Of The Pops, with their legendary, earth shattering performance of “Starman”. “We all knew this was something very, very different” says Mark, referring to watching the show live on TV in his native England.

Jump ahead 30 years, and Mark is a songwriter living in Nashville, releasing albums of Brit-invasion & Beatles/Bowie-influenced power pop with his wife Shannon in their critically-acclaimed band The Cheeksters. At some point Mark decided to do a one-off Bowie tribute show at a Nashville club for fun; it was a massive success, with people immediately requesting a repeat performance.

Moving to Asheville sometime later, Mark had always kept the idea alive to perform some Bowie music again, and has now assembled a band to fulfill it. Asheville based Singer/composer Aaron Price was the first to take up the challenge, adding keyboards and piano. Andre Cholmondeley of Project/Object, the alumni-based Zappa tribute band, eagerly signed up. On bass is Brett Spivey, who with Cholmondeley has an ambient/world duo called Grounded. Rounding out the band on drums is Zach Alberto, who also plays with Asheville art-punks Ivan & The Terribles.

Wham Bam! Bowie Band! has decided to pay tribute to David Bowie’s catalog by starting with his earliest era. The band plans to work their way thru the catalog in, roughly, chronological order. Their first run of shows features classics from the Hunky Dory and Space Oddity albums, with the highlight of the evening being a complete performance of Bowie’s influential breakthrough “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars”

Wham Bam! Bowie Band! brings Bowie’s iconic music to life, onstage once again. Unlike many artists that are paid tribute to, of course Bowie is still very much an active and creative force, with his highly acclaimed and international #1 record “The Next Day” reminding fans everywhere that he is always one to watch.

Wham Bam! Bowie Band! has shown that an eclectic mix of fans from 16 to 60 and beyond are excited about seeing Bowie’s music performed live onstage, where it belongs.

The Cheeksters

Mark and Shannon started playing music together as The Cheeksters shortly after they met by chance on a train in London in the sunny summer of 1989. Six full length albums, and a few line-up changes later, and we’re still going strong.

Imagine, if you will, classic catchy blasts of pop music mixed with a little Southern Soul and you will be at the very heart of what The Cheeksters are all about. Some say Bowie, some say Beatles – and we don’t mind a bit! We just love making music that sounds like creampuffs, and that just might help you to conjure up a smile out of nowhere and feel good for a few minutes. Happy Listening!