Stephaniesĭd presents: WEEK 2: ĭd Weekly Residency @ISIS [pop-noir]

May 9, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – May 10, 2014 @ 10:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Isis Restaurant and Music Hall
743 Haywood Road
West Asheville, NC, 28806
United States

OK… so WEEK 1 was fabulous, with 3 people braving the Night of Bravery and inspiring everybody, Steph throwing down the lyrics she was going to look at during that new song so as to join in the bravery, a bunch of songs played on the baby grand with upright bass and acoustic guitar and sweet drums, and a dance party with Jim Arrendell afterward. This is gooooooood! Please join us this Friday. it’s all ages. New set list. We’re throwing it wide open. xoxo


WHERE: Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, upstairs in the living room

WHEN: 5 DATES in May // 7-9pm

———–Friday May 2nd
———- Friday May 9th
——–**Saturday May 17th
———- Friday May 23
———- Friday May 30

GENRE: noir-pop
AGES: All Ages!

About ĭd Weekly (from the band):

Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki says, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” There is a part of every person — we call it the ĭd – that is purely a beginner: wide-eyed, wild, and unprotected. ĭd Weekly focuses on encouraging the voice of one’s ĭd. Each week in May, stephaniesĭd invites you to a show that’s part house concert, part variety show, designed in 2 Acts with a segment in-between called “Night of Bravery”, during which attendees are invited to use five minutes on stage to do something brave (see below). ĭd Weekly is meant to be full of music, community, shared stories, and flubs in the execution of new songs we plan to put on an album this year. No two ĭd Weekly shows will be the same: we are experimenting with different songs and guest players. We hope that attendees to ĭd Weekly come away knowing the realest us, and the realest version of each other, better.

Q&A About “Night of Bravery”:

“If I could get up on stage and ________, even though I’m scared, it would do me a lot of good, and then I’d be able to ________.”

Night of Bravery is designed to show the naysayer inside your head who’s boss.

Q: What is Night of Bravery?
A: A crowd-participation exercise in which pre-selected audience members are given up to 5 minutes each on stage in order to do something brave.

Q: Is this an open mic?
A: No. You must meet criteria (described below) and be asked onstage. However, it’s ok to perform something (e.g., a song or comedy act), if your performance meets the criteria.

Q: What are the rules? How does it work?
A: Before you go on stage, you must have a pow-wow with the Queen of the Night (our lovely producer Krista Tortora or another designated Queen), wherein you must be able to answer YES, honestly, to the 3 criteria questions:

1) Is the act/task/performance one that’s likely to knock down a barrier for you if you gave it a go (you will be required announce what it is and specifically why it would help your life)?
2) Would doing this task/act/performance, tonight, really require bravery from you (be ready to explain what fear you’re trying to bust by doing this)?
3) Is it important that this performance/task/act will be done publicly (be ready to explain why)?

When you get on stage, you must announce what you’re going to do and explain your process (re: the 3 criteria): “I’m going to _______ because I want to be able to _________, and I’m nervous because ________.”

Q: What are some things people might do on stage at Night of Bravery?
A: That depends on what’s scary for that particular person. But here are some examples: a person who fears public speaking might find confidence reading from a book in public; someone who’s been told they can’t sing might sing with a simple instrumentalist (partner allowed); a new author might read an excerpt from a play; a shy person who’s learning Spanish might recite a poem in Spanish; a non-dancer might perform a dance, to feel more comfortable in her/his own skin; a normally “private person” might find reason to break silence and tell a personal story, and feel support from the crowd…

Q: When is Night of Bravery?
A: During each ĭd Weekly show in May.

Q: What if I have more questions?



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