April 4, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – 1:30 am America/New York Timezone
Asheville Music Hall
31 Patton Ave.
Asheville, NC, 28801
United States



Tickets will only be $5!!!!!!!!

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“Forget being signed. Paper fades. Legends don’t. I was born one.” This is what this band lives by. They started out as street musicians, filling downtown Asheville streets corners while touching many hearts . “The streets is where we love to be. We get so much positive feedback that it pushes us to work harder. This is where we started and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Leeda Jones(Lyric). With a sound and style that is so unique, they’re sure to please any crowd. Playing covers such as “Fast Car and Give me One Reason,” by Tracy Chapman, to their compelling version of Tear the Roof Off/ We Want the Funk,” by George Clinton, it would be hard not to get in the groove with them. Not to mention their well known catchy originals such as “Blue Skies,” and “Camera Shy,” which are loved by their many fans.

Lyric has played street festivals such as the Bele Chere Festival, the Goombay festival and the Black Mountain arts festival, LAFF, Sourwood Festival, Fall For Greenville, Downtown alive and more. Not only has LYRIC played countless shows, but they have also played with Grammy award winning Count M’Butu from Derrick Trucks band, and they have opened for Grammy award winning Lizz Wright. The band also has a full album out at the moment, called “Guitar Feet.” The title given by; Megan Drye and Leeda Jones(Lyric). “ This album deserved the name “Guitar Feet,” Because after Lyric learned to play the guitar it gave her dream “feet,” said Megan Drye.
There are four members in the band that each play an intricate part.

Leeda Jones ,better known as “Lyric”- Lead singer/ Guitarist of Asheville, NC
Dave Matthews- Bass Player of Asheville, NC
Derrick Graves- Percussionist of Asheville, NC.
Mike Berlin- Drum Kit Of Asheville, NC
Megan Drye- singer/Songwriter and poet of Asheville, NC

Philo Reitzel

Philo is a rapper and producer from Buncombe county. He was a founding member IRONFIST & the Fist Fam around the turn of the millenium, and was instrumental in getting the Asheville hip hop scene up and running back in the day. He and his crew moved to San Francisco for 6 years, then relocated back to Buncombe county 2 years ago. He is currently working on a couple of projects, including a new solo album due out this spring. He is also the front man of a new 8 piece band that features members of Empire Strikes Brass, doing dirty southern hip hop music justice with a solid rythm section, deep horns, and backup vocals by the amazing Debrissa McKinney.


“HillBillyBoss”, “Prince of Poverty”, “King of Tha Have Nots”, is The Original Hillbilly rapper, and has been pushing a music career for over 10 years. Although he is yet to be recognized in the “mainstream” he is no rookie when it comes to the scene. With help from many friends, fans and family in NC and in his second home Phoenix AZ, he was constantly networking and learning from nationwide artists that he had the opportunity to perform and build friendships with, making himself at least Known by some of Hip-Hop’s legends.

Carolina Cracker brings a fresh sound to the Hip-Hop genre. With testimony from his country background, and small town struggles, he mixes the sounds of Hip-Hop with his AUTHENTIC Country draw that many are trying to imitate in mainstream music today.

Although there were poor decisions and many setbacks along the way his obvious talent brought encouragement from friends, fans and family & he was recognized in many newspapers and magazines across the country for his unique style of entertainment.

The Carolina Cracker was raised in the mountains of western North Carolina, in the small country town of Burnsville. After he left home at an early age and ran into some trouble with the law, he found a gig traveling with the Renaissance Festival. His job, a comedy show as an “insult specialist”, took him all over the country from NC, to AZ, MN, CO, L.A. and back. This was a great opportunity for Cracker, to preform, network and introduce many cities to a fresh new style of Hip-Hop. What he now likes to call “Barnyard Rap” or “Tha Backwoods Gospel”.

Cracker has moved back to North Carolina, where he now gears up to take his newest collection of country rhymes to the stage. Its going to be a busy summer. ” I’m just tryin to tell tha dirtside uhh da story” Carolina Cracker 2012.

AlphaLee Thedonmc

Alpha Lee is an American rapper. He hails from the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. He started rapping in 2002 with a local hip hop group called BombBay Entertainment. In the course of four years he reorded three mixtapes with the group BombBay. Did everything from public broadcasting stations to the Apollo theater. He moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2007 to be closer to his family. Determined to continue to pursue his music career, in 2010 he started performing live on sidewalks and local venues throughout the city of Asheville. He performed at Goombay three years in a row. Got his music play on local radio stations from 103.5fm Drop Beats Not Bombs w/ Molly and Lucia to 100.7fm the Urban Sounds of Asheville w/ Johnny Hayes and DJ Super Cee. He was nominated in Asheville Video Music Awards 2013. He performed in venues such as Emerald Lounge, Diana Wortham Theater, Timo’s House, The Lab, Asheville Music Hall and Orange Peel to name a few. He is often citied as one of the most influentail and skilled MC’s of his time as he is a veteran to positive gangster rap/street/hardcore content and multisyllabic rhyming. Unreleased copies of his first solo mixtape “Incarnation the Mixtape” is circulating throughout the city of Asheville as we speak. We asked him how does he feel about his first mixtape being bootlegged he replied, “Im currently working on my second mixtape and besides your not hot if your not getting bootlegged.”

Some of his major influences are Eminem, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, Kool G. Rap, Method Man, Tupac, Big Pun, Nas and DMX

Brandon B-Free Freeman

Brandon Freeman, known as B-Free, is a local Hip Hop artist from Asheville, NC. You may know him as a former member of Asheville’s based group Flight Club under Sky City Digital. He is now the CEO and founder of Concrete Flow Entertainment (C.F.E.). He wanted to branch out and provide the music world with an opportunity to know him as an individual artist and listen to his story from a musical standpoint. Everything he tells in his music is true life events that’s happened to him or those people who are close to him. Look out for upcoming projects from B-Free and C.F.E. in the near future!! #ConcreteTeam #C.F.E.

Blaze III

I started singing when I was 8 years old on the church choir at Faith Tabernacle Christian

center, shortly afterwards at the age 13 I started to write my own songs and compose my on

At the age 16 I started working with Terry Letman, a producer and songwriter from the city of Asheville who formally played the piano for a late live crew by the name of Cameo.

This is who gave my voice the image that it carries today.

By the age of 22 I developed a sort of business since about the music industry, also taking

to heart that music was what I should really focus and put my time into, and one day while I

was on the computer browsing around I realized that Americas Got Talent was looking for

people to be on the season show and was setting up for auditions in the city of Atlanta


Once after I arrived and auditioned I wowed the judges with my singing voice and really

thought that I had made my way onto the show, but once the results came back I found out

that I didn’t make it.

That shocked me and almost made me believe that I should give up until I met my manager

“Demetris (Illski) aka Bill Jones” he gave me confidence and trust in my music, and we are

pushing and on our way to the top!

My Goal is to gain exposure by doing shows and touring,and selling music ,so that i can in the

near future sign with a major label

Lazz Quinn

Project Record’s artist Lazz Qinn is an up and coming artist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who has relocated to Hendersonville, North Carolina. Where he started recording with Ambition Music Productions, he plans on starting a movement to where everyone will support his music and his emotions that he expresses through the music. He loves to listen to J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and alot of different underground artist, he also has a taste for old school music and new school music. If he is not writing lyrics for his next hip hop songs he is always trying to improve his singing as he wants to be an R&B artist as well as a hip hop artist. Quote from Lazz “The message I try to get across to my fans is i see things in my own point of view and try my best to show it through my music”.

Martin snoddy

Martin Snoddy is a musician from Asheville, NC with a strong golden era hip hop feel. His influences range from Hip Hop from the north, south, east and west of the U.S; Latin american and Caribbean music; and Be-bop and Modern Jazz.

RavisDj Ra Mak Mcmorris

Ra Mak gained his love for music at a very young age. He bought his first record in 1983 at the tender age of 8, and got his introduction to early Hip Hop, Electronic music, Funk and R&B from his older brother and sister and his love Jazz, and Soul from his mother. By age 10 he was a full blown Hip Hop head. He would take their old records and put them on the turntable and mimic the sounds he heard coming from this hip new music. 1996 he played his first club in Asheville NC. Shortly after that he moved to Atlanta where his obsession with djing and vinyl collecting increased. While there he was introduced to House Music and the house dj was born. In mid 2000 he migrated to Tampa Fl where he was flung head first into his two passions, djing and record collecting. Now back in his home town of Asheville NC his quest continues.