CANNABIS ACTION NOW! AVL Easter 4/20 Weekend Event Portal

April 20, 2014 @ 4:20 am America/New York Timezone

The time for Cannabis Action is NOW in Asheville. Please commit to taking ACTION over the Easter 4/20 Weekend: from simply instigating a meaningful conversation, “coming out” of the cannabis closet yourself, writing a letter to the editor, networking with medical professionals, supporting friends and family with current legal cases pending, to more public acts of civil disobedience, flash mobs, and protests.

Check back here for listings of Cannabis-friendly events throughout the 4/20 weekend. Use this event page as a “portal” for any 4/20-cannabis-hemp related events or ideas for action. Please try to limit informational/articles etc, let’s use this event page for ACTION!

Plans for a downtown Asheville Rally/March/Parade at Vance Monument are in the works for Easter Sunday afternoon. Please msg direct if you would like to volunteer.

Diversity of Action is central to the “trifecta” we call cannabis prohibition–
It is Medicine;
It’s a Plant, not a Crime;
and Industrial Hemp can create a new green economy.

And, to the extent anyone is charged with cannabis possession during any events throughout Asheville during the 4/20 weekend, please be advised, they will understand their right to a jury trial in Superior Court

Asheville very clearly understands that The Emperor Wears No Clothes regarding the illegality and immorality of cannabis prohibition. It’s a Plant, not a Crime….
Thus, Asheville, let us make it so in 2014

jennifer nicole foster