The Eco Krinkle Club of Asheville – the day of panic on Wall Street

“The Day of Panic on Wall Street”…..stocks of Tiffany & Company dropped 3.6% [NY Times] but The Eco Krinkle Club is still at the top of the list, when you type  “eco-hip fashion jewelry” into your search engine.  Why is that?  It’s because we are at the forefront of the eco fashion movement.   Making “fashion jewelry” from recycled aluminum cans, bottle tops and magazine pages.  “What a great Idea” , and its all happening right here in Asheville! The quickest way to get there is on your computer: but if you want to use gas,we are in the Woolworth Walk gallery, Kress Emporium [ beginning in April] and Hip Replacements Clothing on Lexington Ave.  Beginning in May, we will have a street cart on Wall street, in the vicinity of the New City Market restaurant.  So, y’all come and visit.  All eco-fashionistas welcome!! and

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