Eating HomeGrown in Asheville

Homegrown Asheville Restaurant

The HomeGrown Eatery in north Asheville has become one of our favorite spots to dine. We stopped by there recently for dinner with some folks who were visiting Western North Carolina from out of the Country. Everyone enjoyed the simple delicious homegrown food they offered and served.

Now, a new place to eat named Biscuitry is about to open up in the old Dough location right across the street. And even bigger news is that on the corner, a new street light is being installed, putting a halt onto a dangerous intersection for pedestrians. This move will definitely improve walkability in north Asheville.

Great community on this side of town which is growing to be the most “Kid Friendly” part of Asheville. Desserts are many with an ice cream, frozen custard, and a frozen yogurt shop all within a stones throw. In addition to that, there is a playground on Murdock Ave right behind the Tennis Courts on Merrimon Avenue, a game room in the rear of Asheville Pizza, and another playground next to Ira B Jones Elementary School.

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