An Italian Feast in Asheville North Carolina

Asheville Italian Restaurant

Italian food was not that easy to find years ago in Asheville. Everything from pizza to amazing cuisine, as the years passed, the options became more and more. Many of the folks that owned these restaurants were from out of town, some having the New York connection. I remember years ago, a place named Savoy was our absolute favorite for Seafood and Italian dishes. A few others came on the scene, all having just about the same level of quality and consistency as each other when it came to the food, staff and atmosphere.

Recently we stopped by the new Chiesa Italian Restaurant on Montford Avenue in Asheville. After this experience, our standard for Italian food was raised and we were taken to a whole new level. The food was so good! With their changing menu, we would eat there every week if we could. If you have not been there yet, they are housed in an old church that adds so much to the character, and located just 60 seconds from downtown, right down road from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, right before you get another delicious restaurant called Nine Mile. The Montford area is known for it’s historic value in our community, it is a great place to live; and Chiesa is a wonderful addition. Thank you for the delicious food and great experience.

Foodie Stop – Gan Shan Station in Asheville NC

Gan Shan Station Asheville NC

While working in the North Asheville area recently, we stopped by the Gan Shan Station on Charlotte Street and had a wonderful meal. After the experience, some of us rate this restaurant as some of the finest Asian food and fusion in the WNC area. On top of that, when it comes to the overall food, atmosphere, drinks, staff, and presentation; this place could easily hang with the best Asheville has to offer. The Gan Shan Station is also an FGFT Certified Restaurant, meaning that they use a superior and healthier cooking oil.

Life Saving Delivery

Valet Gourmet downtown

You wouldn’t ever think about food service saving lives, would you? Well to our local company, Valet Gourmet, that’s exactly what it is! Saving time and delivering quality restaurant food of your choice from their options is what their about. I mean they will put forth hard effort to catering to you. Honestly, I’ve heard some amazing stories. I love that if they can bring the selected food(s) from the selected restaurant(s) out to wherever you are then they will do their best. The thought process of this company is amazing. They have a high expectation of their service and community with their employees and with their business partners. I’ve yet to run into a company like this. Not to mention their reach is expansive in Asheville and the surrounding areas… maybe more if they can accomodate. They’re also opening up business in Knoxville, Tennessee! (GO VALET GOURMET!)

Valet Gourmet team

Listening to Nick and hearing the enthusiasm in his voice inspired me even more and helped me to see how much this service business meant to them. You could see how proud he was to be a part of it all. When he spoke about the time factor, it is about helping busy people by saving them cooking time, or time out at a restaurant, or the time they would have spent at a grocery store. This is not just a food delivery service. This is a way to give back to the community, and also give you more time to spend on more important things to you. With the huge selection of restaurants they work with, you will surely never be at a loss for choices.

Valet Gourmet downtown building

The amount of creativity they have as a team shows more than you would predict. There’s so much to appreciate about this company while they provide you with more options to dine either in the comfort and laziness of your pajamas, if you seriously can not make it to that specific restaurant because of injury or if you simply don’t have the time, but you still want your favorite sushi, pasta, or whatever delicious dish is on your mind. They didn’t disappoint when I’ve ordered with them. I hope you love them as much as I do and enjoy telling people about them, which I will continue to spread the word about this wonderful business!


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Who’s Your Daddy? King Daddy Is!

asheville waffle

West Asheville is a hotbed in Western North Carolina. And with foodie places like this, it will only continue to grow. King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles has become the breakfast place to be for many of us. Whether we are stopping by with a group, all with laptops and tablets in tow, having a meal with the family, or stopping by alone for a quick bite; this place is so good! Check out this waffle above. I told them I wanted everything on it.

capuchina king daddys asheville

The Mardis Building is where King Daddy’s sits. And Capuchina works there! Love that girl. Ask about her signature cocktails.

waffle asheville chicken

So many waffle selections and ways to do it. Here is a pork cracklin waffle (or something like that) with chicken pot pie on top!

asheville breakfast king daddys

Here is what I had for breakfast the other day. Scramble eggs, mac & cheese, fruit, and a waffle with strawberries.

asheville waffle bananas

We also ate a waffle with bananas, walnuts, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream!

asheville lunch brunch king daddys

The also have some more great brunchy and lunchy plates for you to choose from. If you are in Asheville, or coming to the area, make a stop in west Asheville, and make sure you eat at King Daddy’s!

Eating Out Asian in Asheville

doc cheys asheville

The Asian foodie offerings in Asheville are greatly expanding. When growing up in New York City, there was a Chinese food place every few blocks. Asheville has a few of these “hole in the wall” Chinese food spots like Dragon China in west Asheville; but most of the time we are choosing any Asian Cuisine that we can find. Asiana and Yao are the two Asian mega-restaurants and buffets in the area, and have been around for years. They also offer a free buffet meal on your birthday. Just recently on Hendersonville Rd in Skyland, Asia Wrap opened up where McDonalds used to be.

When it comes to eating out Asian, we love going to Doc Chey’s (in the photo above), and also The Noodle Shop, both in downtown Asheville. Then there is PF Changs in Biltmore Park Town Square which we enjoy as well. Pho R Us (no affiliation to Toys R Us) is located in south Asheville next to Carolina Mountain Bakery and have some great food. As far as Sushi, Green Tea on Patton Ave in west Asheville, Sogo Fusion in south Asheville, and UMI in Hendersonville (worth the drive) are delicious! Zen, Wasabi, Champa and Ichiban also offer sushi around town. And, if you are in the mood for Asian Fast Food, including sushi, Asaka in Biltmore Village is a great choice. Thinking Korean food? Koreana on Airport Rd in south Asheville / Arden is a great choice. There is also The Korean House in downtown Asheville and Stonebowl Korean in south Asheville on Hendersonville Rd. And if you end up in the River Arts District, Blue Kudzu Sake has some amazing plates of Asian cuisine and so many types of Sake.

Thai food is a whole other story. So many great spots everywhere you go! There is the new Thai To Go restaurant on Sardis Rd in west Asheville. Then you have Pon’s Thai on Sweeten Creek in south Asheville, Noi’s Thai Kitchen on Merrimon Ave in north Asheville, Suwana’s Thai Orchid, Tamarind Thai Cuisine in Arden off of Airport Rd, and the renowned Little Bee Thai who had a food truck that was so hard to find and is now opening up as an eatery in the Downtown Market on South French Broad Ave. And if you head to Hendersonville, you must eat at Lime Leaf Thai Fusion!

Thinking about eating out Asian? Visit all of these delicious places in the Asheville area. Then comment here, tell us about your experiences, and let us know your favorite.