Eat at The Cantina at Biltmore Village; and feed the hungry!

Asheville Cantina at Biltmore donates to MANNA FoodBank

If you have not been to The Cantina at Biltmore lately, you are missing out on a lot! This place is incredible. They use a lot of produce from Asheville Urban Farms, which is only minutes away from the restaurant, so the freshness is easily and consistently served on your plate. In addition to this, The Cantina has teamed up with MANNA FoodBank with a new program that allows guests to donate one or both of their side dishes, and feed our hungry neighbors in the Asheville & WNC community. What a great program!! In the above photo, you can see Sherrye, the Owner (3rd in line), with a large donation from the restaurant and the folks who donated their sides. In the photo below, a painting by Lynne Harty Photography that she donated to MANNA, and is being auctioned at The Cantina this month. Stop by, check it out and place a bid on this beautiful piece of art. Eat and donate a side while you are at it too. Thank you!

Lynne Harty Photography painting at the Cantina at Biltmore

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