3 Asheville Area Giveaways That You Could Win

Lots of Asheville area businesses are in the holiday spirit, and many giveaways are on Facebook that give you the chance to win some some great prizes. See them below…

Thomas L. Codington Giveaway Asheville

Thomas L. Codington is giving away a Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for 2 at 3 different restaurants in the south Asheville area. Drawing will be on Thursday December 15, 2016. See the TLCPA Facebook Page for more info!

Woodfire Grille Giveaway Asheville

The Asheville Foodie Community is giving away Dinner for 2 at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville / Swannanoa. Drawing will be on Sunday December 11, 2016. See the AVL Foodie Community Facebook Page for more info!

Mill House Lodge Giveaway Hendersonville NC

The Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock North Carolina, right past Hendersonville, is giving away a 1-Night Stay. Drawing will be on Friday December 9, 2016. See the AskHendersonville Facebook Page for more info!

Houser GB Shoes Giveaway Hendersonville NC

BONUS: And we have been made aware of another grand giveaway from Houser Shoes! They are giving away 4 pairs of shoes to one person on Thursday December 15, 2016. See the Houser Shoes Faceboook Page for more information.

Thank you!

An Amazing Restaurant, Woodfire Bar & Grille, Opens in East Asheville

Short Ribs at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

When I pulled up the Holiday Inn in East Asheville, I expected that a dive bar / tiki bar would be awaiting me. Instead I walked into a new restaurant that I would not soon forget. As I entered, I felt as if I were walking into one of Asheville’s high end restaurants.

Craft Beer at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

The atmosphere was prime, the staff was friendly, and the food ended up being so delicious. After my experience, I immediately said to myself that this place is not only my favorite restaurant located inside a hotel, but it could easily stand with the big boys eateries in town. Local craft beer, well made cocktails, wings beyond yum, and short ribs that filled a tall order. Everything was perfect!

Cocktails at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

And don’t just take my word for it, go and check out Chef Jason and the Woodfire Grille, and see for yourself. He sources as much local as he can get his hands on, and both the owners and the staff team that he has put together there empower him and every aspect of this restaurant.

Wings at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

As many ends of town get saturated with great food options, East Asheville is lacking a little, and the Woodfire Bar & Grill will definitely fill that foodie void in your life, and in your mouth. Without a doubt, this place is a must try!

You can find the Woodfire Bar & Grille on Facebook!

photos by G Social Media

Two Days, Two Burgers, Too Good!

There are times we go for weeks at a time without a burger. Asheville has such a variety of food options that the choices are sometimes overwhelming. The past few days have not been one of those times. We actually stopped by two places and ordered a cheeseburger that made us very happy that we did.

Cheeseburger at Farm Burger in Asheville NC

The first was Farm Burger in south Asheville. I ordered a burger with cheese, a fried egg, pork belly, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mayo. And this burger tasted incredible.

The Social Asheville Cheeseburger

The second was The Social in east Asheville. I ordered a simple cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mayo. And again, I was brought to a very tasteful place in my mouth and life.

I do not know who makes your favorite burger, but these are two spots that are definitely worth checking out. And both of these places have different personalities. Farm Burger is very burger-centric, while The Social is like a family friendly dive bar with pool tables, dart boards, and entertainment just about every night of the week. And both have have their place in the Asheville Foodie Community. Thank you for making some great burgers!

What’s Smoking?

My father and some other people I know smoke cigarettes. To be honest, I wish they didn’t because it’s gross… overall. I care about my father and the other people that smoke. We all know of the effects, they threaten your life in more than one way. If anyone has any desire to start their journey to quit then I suggest they go to MadVapes on Patton Avenue or their other local location on Tunnel Road.

Madvapes Store Asheville, NC

These guys know their vapes and want to help you to live a longer life. That means something to them because it’s not about looking cool, but if you do want to vape to look cool then they will help with that too. At least you won’t cut off years from your life with cigarettes.

MadVapes Asheville, NC In-House Flavors

Tim, the general manager, used to smoke constantly for a numbered amount of years. He says he tried everything. Some of you might have gotten to that point and felt that way before. MadVapes’ staff have experienced what you have and they have a story to tell, just like you.

I know what I’m getting my father for this Christmas. I believe that it will help him quit his nicotine addiction. Why not get one yourself or for someone you know and care about? I think they would understand the message.

MadVapes Accessories

Thank you for reading,


The Social Burger in East Asheville

the social east asheville nc

With the hours we work, and play; we got off to a late start this morning. Since we are always looking for great new places in the area, we started hearing plenty of buzz about The Social in East Asheville. Then we noticed that they are also members of the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association. So we went in and were gladly welcomed. The place happens to be really social, way beyond just the name. We noticed a great cozy stage area where bands and DJs can set up. There were two pool tables, two dart boards, a jukebox, daily specials listed, and event posters. It immediately got me thinking.. I need to come back here. We ordered the spinach artichoke dip, a Cuban sandwich, and a burger the was a mile high with toppings and fresh produce. I heard.. “how am I going to eat this?” And I responded.. “A little at a time.”

On Sunday evenings starting at 8 pm, they have Vinyl night which features albums from the 80’s and 90’s. A staff member told us we could even bring our own. They also have Karaoke on Wednesday and Saturday nights. And, while we were there, we bumped into Nathan from the Fried Green Fryer Team. He is in the business of making sure restaurants are not “Frying Dirty.” Seeing him there brought more credibility to the establishment, knowing they are stepping above and beyond to serve great food to us in the healthiest way possible. We did not drink any beer during lunch, but we did see the great local beer taps, and we will be back!

Also see this collage photo on Facebook.. The Social in East Asheville