Earthfare in Asheville – Contest + Text Savings + Coupons!

The contest question is “What would you spend a extra bonus $10 on at Earthfare?” The prize for the most creative answer, determined by a group of 5 people, is a $25 Gift Card from Earthfare.  Contest ends on January 20, 2012. Take a minute and let us know below in the comments…

Texting is the new coupon medium: When customers text “EAT” to 71700 and opt-in to Earthfare’s mobile coupons, the first coupon they receive via text is $10 off a $25 purchase. WOW! After that the text coupons will be random, usually only good for a day or two, and they’ll send up to 8 a month. Standard text messaging rates apply, but no other charges otherwise.

You can also sign up online with your phone number here:

8 thoughts on “Earthfare in Asheville – Contest + Text Savings + Coupons!

  1. I would purchase dried seaweed! A friend recently informed me of it’s great benefits in ridding the body of radioactive particles (amongst other benefits) and I have been wanting to buy some every since, but it’s always one of those “not necessary, gets cut out due to the budget” items.

  2. I would definitely get some shrimp and try to recreate the bacon/shrimp on skewers that I got as a sample at Earthfare last winter. Still thinking about those delicious morsels…

  3. I would use my $10 bonus to try something new from the deli. I love Earthfare’s deli selection whether it’s a potato salad, chicken salad, cucumber salad, any of the sides. It’s all good! If I had any money left, I’d buy a box of Earthfare’s Ginger Snap cookies which are incredibly addicting!

  4. I would buy lots of pizza crust and make pizzas with everything we have in the refrigerator, including earthfare bacon! Daphne, age 9

  5. i love this text campaign! maybe i’m a little biased but i do love earth fare. i think i’d spend the extra $10 on a 6 pk of local beer! i mean, as long as i’m there already 🙂

  6. hmm..What would I not buy? First of all I would just browse every aisle thinking I could buy anything my heart desired with that extra $10..then I would decide to buy a bottle of yummy wine that isn’t on sale (booyah) pizza dough, feta cheese, nuts galore and some yummy veggie like zuchinni or green beans and make a banging pizza with those ingrediants while I sip on my non-sale wine 😀

  7. As a high school student, I LOVE sharing new foods with my peers! Recently I’ve loved sharing different nut butters with them, so I would spend the $10 on a new nut butter to try!

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