Amazing Lunch at Strada in Downtown Asheville

Strada Downtown Asheville Restaurant

While working on a video shoot with the G Social Media crew in downtown Asheville, we ended up on the upper level of the Social Lounge. If you have never been to there, it is a 2-story craft cocktail bar with a rooftop area to eat, drink and be merry. The food at this place is supplied by the kitchen at Strada, which has the same owners, and is adjoined side-by-side. After looking at the menu for a few minutes, I ordered the Calamari, with a side of Shrimp, and also a side of Salmon. And I will order that exact dish again, soon! HeartIsTree Studios was also there and both of the owners are Vegan, so they had this gluten-free crusted cheese-less pizza. It was so good, it seemed as if they were about to fight over the last slice. Oh, and that drink was a blackberry, mint, ginger, and rum Mojito. Everything was so perfecto and delicious! Thank you Strada.

Asheville Craft Cocktails

Asheville Martini at Rhubarb

Dirty Martini at Rhubarb’s R-Bar

Craft Cocktails are taking Asheville North Carolina by storm! There are cocktails; and then there are craft cocktails. You can get a cocktail just about anywhere that has a wet bar. But a craft cocktail doesn’t come so easy. There are many wonderful places in Asheville area to get a well made cocktail. It is not just about having all of the ingredients either. You have to have the right amounts, the perfect temperature, the proper glass, and a stellar pour. Add a great atmosphere, some delicious eats, an experienced social bartender; and you are well on your way to the perfect evening.

Asheville Cocktail at Post 70

Aviation Cocktail at Post 70

Every little bit counts in the world of craft. That is what makes us different. This is what makes us special. Either you have it or you don’t. You can’t fake it til you make it. There is no half & half. You have to choose whether you are in or out when it comes to the craft world. Here are a few places where we have experienced amazing craft cocktails in Asheville. It would be pretty hard to go wrong if you went to these spots:

  1. Limones
  2. Post 70
  3. The Imperial Life
  4. R-Bar at Rhubarb
  5. The Junction
  6. MG Road
  7. The Marketplace
  8. Posana
  9. Cucina 24
  10. Admiral
  11. Fig Bistro

These are just the places where we have personally experienced perfection. Maybe you know a few other great places around Asheville that make an incredible cocktail? Comment below and let us know about it, and maybe we can stop by there with the team soon. Thank you.

The Social Lounge Experience In Asheville!

social lounge asheville events This past Wednesday we experienced an amazing dinner paired with cocktails at Asheville’s Social Lounge & Tapas Bar downtown. If you have not been there, this is one of the “Must-Stop” places! Not only do they have one of the Top 3 Cocktail Bars on the ground level; but they also have a lounge area upstairs that leads to their outdoor rooftop seating area. The perfect atmosphere. That is where this event was held. social lounge asheville appetizer First was the Tuscan Stuffed Fig appetizer with a Buttercup cocktail. So good! social lounge asheville dinner Then the main course… Italian Smoked Pork Jowl beside a Moscow Mule cocktail. YUM! social lounge asheville dessert Finally, the Hazelnut Panna Cotta and a dessert cocktail featuring Mystic Bourbon arrived at the table. Not cake, but this pairing was definitely the icing on it! The Social Lounge in downtown Asheville is open from 4pm til 2am Monday through Thursday, 3pm til 2am on Friday and Saturday, and 3pm til midnight on Sunday.

Stay tuned as they will be having monthly events just as great as this one. Also see the post on Seriously Creative about this wonderful evening!

Who Wants Some Asheville Brewed Sake?

asheville sake and tapas While galavanting around Asheville recently, we ended up in the River Arts District, and in search of Sake. We stopped by Blue Kudzu and to our surprise, we had the opportunity to taste the first batch of Sake ever brewed! We added an array of delicious appetizers to the mix, and wow, what a drinking and dining experience. Michael, who is on staff, hosted us and helped make it a night to remember. This spot is a little off the beaten path, but well worth the 5-minute trip from downtown Asheville.

Beer + Tequila = An Asheville Beerita!

Asheville Beerita Fig Bistro Biltmore Village biltmore village

Beer is getting old in Asheville (well not really) but spicing it up with Tequila sounded like a plan to us. We started this mission at Fig Bistro, and have since tried and tested many other places. The type of beer we used? I liked it with a Catawba Firewater, a shot of Tequila, a splash of fresh lemon and lime, salt, and a lime riding the rim of my glass. Perfectomundo! So good.

Asheville Beeritas Cantina Biltmore Village

At the Cantina at Biltmore Village, we tried it with Negro Modelo, and a White Zombie Ale. Delish. So now, since they have like 50 types of tequila at the bar, we have a lot of beer/tequila pairing and testing to do. Try it, you may like it! This may be a new movement in the works. The Asheville Beerita Culture lol.